Mary Rice Centre Kenya

Mary Rice Centre for Disabilities and Microfinance
Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya

The Mary Rice Centre is situated in an area of extreme poverty known as the Kibera Slum.  There are approximately 1,000,000 people in this slum and at present the community does not have access to satisfactory infrastructure and resources to cater for the huge population. The Mary Rice centre supports children from the Kibera slum with physical and intellectual disabilities. The centre also supports a micro-finance scheme which is available for families, guardians and friends of the children participating in MRC’s programs. The scheme makes available small, interest-free loans to enable people to generate their own income

The Metanoia Matters website is now seeking individuals to assist the Brothers in the establishment of this Hub.

Skills Required

Business Analyst

Estimated Time frame – To be negotiated with the Mary Rice Director of Micro Finance

What we need

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone with skills in retail, sales or business strategy.

The Microfinance program is a relatively small business that is situated on the edge of the Kibera Slum.  There are approximately 200 families that have established small businesses via their association with the Mary Rice Centre.  These businesses mainly centre on making clothing, accessories and jewellery.  We need individuals who are able to provide business planning and retail advice to the families utilising this program.

How will this help

The smallest assistance and engagement with the people of Kibera will greatly assist their desire to improve their living standards.  Each family engaged in the Microfinance program is determined to lift their family out of poverty in order to provide a more comfortable life.  Your advice and skills will help these families to access food, shelter and education.

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Occupational and Physiotherapy

Estimated Time Frame – To be negotiated during first communication with the Director of the Mary Rice School

What we need

Occupational therapists and physiotherapists to assist in the development of skills training for the staff of Mary Rice.

The Mary Rice Educational Team has a director, teachers and therapists who work with approximately 40 children with a range of disabilities.  These children are all living in the Kibera slum.  The children are well cared for at the Mary Rice centre but the conditions are very tough for staff and they do not have access to an adequate resource base that will support their vital work.  The Mary Rice Centre would like to communicate with individuals able to assist in the training of their staff in order to deliver better health care for their students and the families of each student.

How will this help

The Mary Rice staff have access to basic facilities and equipment but they are eager to learn.  The staff would like to be more effective in the care of their students and ultimately they would like to expand their work.  They believe that if they increase their skills they will be able to be more effective in their time management and therefore more able to increase their reach in to the Kibera Slum.

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