India Mithra Program in Chennai

Mithra Program
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

MITHRA is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘friendship’. Friendship to us at MITHRA means extending a warm welcome to the physically and intellectually disabled children. Having a variety of rehabilitative services, our dedicated staff is willing to give a helping hand to every child, whether it is to walk, talk or training to take care of themselves.

MITHRA Rehabilitation Center – “MITHRA” as it is popularly referred to was established in the year 1977. MITHRA caters to the relief and rehabilitation needs of children and young persons with physical and intellectual disabilities caused by polio, cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome and multiple/other disabilities. Services are made available to all without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed gender and financial or social status and majority of the children are from poorer sections of society.

Skills Required

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Special Education Professionals

Estimated Time frame – To be negotiated

Suggested time commitment – Initial Skype with Director to determine scope of work

What we need

The Mithra Project is situated in one of the structurally poor regions in Chennai.  In the more disadvantaged areas there is a significant percentage of people living with disabilities.  In many cases these individuals do not have ready access to support and in the worst cases have not yet been found in the slum regions.

The Mithra project actively liaises with the community to assist those individuals and families living with disability.  The Mithra project also conducts audits of the Chennai region in order to find new families who have not had any previous support.

The Mithra project is working with a large number of individuals requiring expert care and at this stage the project is having trouble providing the expert care needed to support the needs of the individuals and families living with disability.

We would like to Skype or email any Special Education professionals to assist with our education programs.

We would like to Skype or email any Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who are willing to assist us with rehabilitation, advocacy and treatment.

How will this help

The Mithra staff deliver vital programs throughout Chennai in some of the world’s toughest conditions.  It is vital that we provide professional support to the staff of this project so that they can continue to be more effective in their work with the children and vulnerable adults of Chennai.

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Project Coordinator in Australia

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Dr Steve Maraboli



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